Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zena Road Renovation

There has been some progress on the house on the Sawkill Creek! I haven't wanted to post photos because it is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share a few shots of what has happened so far. 

For the before and afters- check out my companies blog page

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This last shot is my dream art on what is now a blank wall still- It is a picture of my friend Samantha French's art which I covet for our space!

A sliver of the upstairs mezzanine area which is about 10 x 15, and is not complete- we are making this into a library and currently we have temporary storage and shelves up. Eventually this will be full of books
and shelving with a reading area.
paintings by Matte Stephens


  1. It looks beautiful.
    I love the new table and chairs. The painting on the big wall looks really cool, do you have a larger picture of it?

    1. Thank you! If you click on the link of the artists name you can see a bigger photo. She is very talented!