Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dichotomy Interiors Latest Table Commissions

Two interior design clients have brand new custom coffee tables created specifically for their space!

The first is the swinging pad of a gentleman with lots of personality. The great room we created is masculine, a little retro, a little modern and very comfortable. The coffee table was created to fit with an amazing blue/green sectional we had custom ordered. The table needed to service all the seating, and contrast the color of the sectional in a rich warm walnut tone. The three steel legs were an addition to the design, which initially featured a waterfall leg- but was changed to all steel legs once I saw the table in the space. Both tables were beautiful, but the waterfall was hidden by the sofa and also didn't allow for foot room. The steel legs were manly, hip, and gave a bit of lightness to the heavy slab. 

The second table is quite the beauty. This table was created for a living space with stunning views. To capitalize the views, we are keeping the palette warm and neutral with creamy tones of ivory, gray, white and chocolate. The color comes from the vast vista of greens and blues out the windows. This table was in a large room with a VERY large sofa so it had to hold it's own against the sofa and the views without competing. After having the original red oak floors sanded and re-stained in a white wash creating a creamy yet still rustic hardwood, I choose a unique and large piece of pine which after finishing I bleached several times and then white washed creating an ethereal and ghostly piece that I suspended in the air on two lucite legs above a silvery cowhide patchwork rug. The room is still in progress but the table is complete!

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  1. I am loving the bleached wood with lucite! Your tables are stunning Megan.